The Mission

Chip Travers Productions offers a full range of graphic services including logo design, illustration, and photography, as well as internet, print media, and eye catching point-of-purchase displays.

The Designer

Chip is the founder and principal designer with over 40 years of design experience.  He earned an Asoociate Degree in Advertising Art from The State University of New York at Farmington and has served as Art Director for several corporations as well as two Arizona Television Studios.  Chip is considered a local legend for his artistic contributions to local Tucson businesses, churches, and community groups where his clients have ranged from the Boy Scouts of America to businesses in search of quality marketing and public awareness campaigns to individuals seeking one-of-a-kind commissioned works.  Recently, a featured artist-in-residence at DeGrazia’s Gallery of the Sun, Chip infuses his drawings of Soronan desert animals, Western cowboy romance, and whimsical Day-of-the-Dead creations with an ability to capture their intrinsic flavor as only an acute observer and experienced artist can depict.